Northlands CEO Peter Male awarded the winner with a $10,000 cheque on Thursday at the Northlands Urban Farm.

Edmonton, AB: A beautiful sunny day in Edmonton was made that much brighter for 20-year-old Katilin Smith (please note spelling), who won $10,000 as part of the K-Days 2019 survey during the festival.

Northlands CEO Peter Male met with Katilin this afternoon and presented her with a cheque, thanking her for taking the time to do the survey. “We’re standing in front of an enormous ‘K’, which stands for K-Days, but today it stands for Katilin!” Male announced during the presentation.

During the festival, thousands of attendees filled out the survey which gave them an opportunity to win $10,000. They also provided a lot of valuable feedback on the festival and what they’d like to see in the future. “One of the key things that was asked for was more art and technology features,” Male explains. “I just want to share that it’s something we’re really focusing on for next year, we’re looking at some amazing art and technology pieces to be brought in and showcased to the people of Edmonton.”

20-year-old Smith is very excited to be named the winner. She’ll be using part of the money to take her family on a trip to Australia, where she’s most excited about seeing the Sydney Zoo. “It’s the biggest zoo,” says Smith. “I want to see the animals!” Smith also is looking forward to the 2020 K-Days and riding her favourite midway ride, The Zipper.

Planning is now underway for the 2020 event, one that is anticipated to bring a new look and programming changes.

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