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Institutional food procurement – A coordinated approach

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Whether you’re in the food business or are a person purchasing food here in Alberta, we’d like to hear from you!

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Alberta Flavour Learning Lab is making “local” easier.

Making it easier to identify and source the foods we grow and make in Alberta, easier to educate and learn from each other, and easier to measure our impact and make local more accessible.

Alberta Flavour is experimenting with opportunities to connect and strengthen Alberta’s food system by building connections, learning from each other and working together. The Alberta Flavour Learning Lab brings together convention centers, hospitals, colleges, schools, farmers, food processors, and distributors to get more Alberta food on more plates.

Alberta Flavour Learning Lab brings together a diverse group of business leaders, community organizations, and grassroots efforts. Our goal is to help create more opportunities for Alberta farmers, food processors and local food businesses.


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