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Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month #CALM

March is Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM)! Beginning in 2012, CALM has become a month dedicated to connecting, learning and understanding the importance of agriculture in Canadian classrooms. Agriculture is all around us so let’s help students connect to food and farming in meaningful and fun ways!

Every Tuesday in March we will be releasing an agriculture activity sheet – an Ag-tivity sheet! Each sheet will focus on a different school grade with their corresponding curriculum – starting at Grade 4 and working backward to Grade 1.

Download and share these Ag-tivity sheets with your classroom or with your family at the dinner table!

And be sure to tag #CALM19 and #NorthlandsAg so we can follow your ag-learning adventure!


ag-tivity sheets:

Explore Field Crops

Grade 4

Explore Animals

Grade 3

Explore Bees

Grade 2

Explore Fruits & Vegetables

Grade 1

How did you do? Check your answers with the following answer key:

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