So Good, You Can Taste It

We are one of Canada’s oldest and largest agricultural societies and remain strongly committed to fostering the development of Alberta’s agricultural industry, as well as showcasing its innovations and successes throughout the province and the world. This is why we produce events like Farmfair International and provide hands on learning to give children the opportunity to learn through our Northlands Urban Farm School and the Northlands 4-H Club. We are dedicated to serving the needs of farmers, ranchers and educating the consumers whose meals depend on their hard work.

Our Strategic Agriculture Focus Areas

  1. Regional Food Production & Manufacturing
  2. Technology & Innovation
  3. Youth & Education
  4. Market Facilitation

Our Mission

By facilitating education, awareness, commercialization and commerce, we are able to support the agricultural industry from the moment farmers and ranchers wake up each morning all the way to when their hard work hits customers’ plates.

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