EDMONTON, AB: Following extensive discussions, guest surveys, reviews of industry best practices, declining attraction attendance as well as current fiscal realities, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the annual K-Days Parade.

“This decision is not one we’ve made lightly,” says Northlands President and CEO Peter Male. “After exploring all options and much discussion, we must listen to our guests, who have told us very clearly that they want to see us invest in onsite programming. Redirecting the substantive amount of money required to stage the parade into onsite programming allows us to increase the calibre and amount of overall onsite entertainment, which is our priority. Ultimately, we must ensure that K-Days is fiscally responsible and remains viable now, and for years to come.”

Northlands wishes to acknowledge the incredible contribution of the hundreds of volunteers who worked on the parade annually and thank them for their gift of time to the organization and city.

“The volunteers who have supported K-Days for generations are the heart of this organization,” says Male. “Quite simply, this event wouldn’t happen without them. Our entire organization thanks those volunteers who have focused their efforts on the parade, and we’re hopeful they will continue to be part of the event in other areas.”

K-Days, happening July 17-26, 2020 will feature a significant amount of new programming, including the global debut of a feature pavilion. Information about the full 2020 entertainment program will be made on Monday, April 20.

For more information about K-Days visit: K-Days.com.

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